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One-night, invitation-only showcase at PianoFight (former site of the original Original Joes) in the heart of the heart of the Tenderloin.

A lit-up audience gives standing ovation. Excitement in the air.

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The stories that keep me up at night wrestle with place, memory, and the unbridled human spirit. TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL is a kind of punk-rock love letter to San Francisco at a time of identity crisis. An through the eyes of Emperor Norton, deemed SF's original misfit. It's a wild ride: Part a tour of today's San Francisco, and part a patched jean jacket of anarchic memory.

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CHUCK PROPHET and KLIPSCHUTZ spread rumor that “lots of people say” Temple Beautiful should be a musical.


Feb 2014:

Newly formed FOGG Theatre, committed to developing San Francisco- themed musicals, commissions TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL: THE MUSICAL.



FELA! co-writer Jim Lewis hired as lead librettist.



Enter Director EMILIE WHELAN, brought in to shape the libretto.


Preliminary reshaping of book and music.


Aug 2016:

Initial, five day workshop at the old firehouse on Treasure Island – a gathering of the team are based elsewhere (Brooklyn, New Orleans).



First Draft of libretto turned in to FOGG; well-received.


Jim Lewis released from project.


FOGG Theatre reorganization with focus on youth education programs. TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL on hiatus.


Prophet and klipschutz lick their wounds (“our year in the wilderness”); major libretto overhaul.


Jan. 23, 2018:

Enter CLAY DAVID, who on behalf of FOGG attends a table read of Act I at Prophet’s apartment; Clay David falls in love with the new work.


Mid 2018:

Re-enter Emilie Whelan!


FOGG Theatre’s board approves fall workshop, with Clay as Producer, Emilie as Director, and klipschutz/Prophet as libretto team.


Clay David knocks heads together, gets shit done: new songs written; the libretto retooled; preparations for Fall Staged Reading of full showcase of new work – with nine actors and five-piece band.


Aug 2018:

Wunderkind MATT JAFFE, 22, joins team as Musical Director, starts to audition band members.


David and Whelan cast award winning actors from Ray of Light Theatre, Bay Area Musicals, Altarena Playhouse, Ubuntu Project, New Orleans Solo Festival.


October 2018:

Preproduction meetings take place at Olivetto. Final casting decisions.


Key advances in underscore, script.


November 11, 2018:

Talent flown in for preliminary technical design concepts. ADAM LARSEN (Projection Design) and NICK BENACERRAF (Scenic Design) join team.


November 13-16:

Cast and musicians rehearse in intensive workshop at Lennon Studios and PianoFight with director, musical director, Prophet and klipschutz.


Costumes and properties designed and created.


klipschutz and David haul ass around San Francisco for last minute lighting needs and many trips to Kinkos; script evolves in rehearsals and late night sessions at Edinburgh Castle between director and klipschutz.


David designs enormous lobby displays with vintage photographs of the original Temple Beautiful.


November 17:

Intensive run-throughs, dress rehearsals, final blocking, technical run- throughs with sound and lighting.


Script continuing to evolve.


Nov. 18, 2018:

One-night, by invitation-only showcase at PianoFight (former site of the original Original Joes) in the heart of the heart of the Tenderloin.


A lit-up audience gives standing ovation. Excitement in the air.


November 19:

Eight-hour postmortem with Emile Whelan, Chuck Prophet, klipschutz, Matt Jaffe, and designers Larsen and Benacerraf at Producer’s home in Berkeley Hills.


Ground plan for next step of production made.


Late 2018:

Preliminary video designs for promotional outreach begin. ALEX RODRIGUEZ (Choreography) and JC CARLOS MOORE (Lighting Design) join team.


Jan. 2018:

TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL: THE MUSICAL shifts from FOGG Theatre to a larger theatre company, Bay Area Musicals, helmed by Artistic Director MATTHEW McCOY.


David continues to facilitate and produce the next level of the exciting new work.




Future plans:

A three-week Spring 2019 workshop, with two to four performances.


Initial run in 2020.


Touring show/festivals - in planning stages.

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