A musical theatre professional for over three decades, on the way to producing, Clay David has done practically every job in the theatre: acting, directing, set design, prop design, lighting, and more. His career has taken him from London to Broadway, from Off-Broadway to regional theatre, from national tours to educational theatre. He has been received a TITAN Award for Excellence in Theatre, five San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critic’s Circle Awards, a Dean Goodman Choice Award (Best Director), a Lee Hartgrave FAME Best Play Award, a Victor Borge Legacy Award, a BRAVO Award for Outstanding Innovation and Excellence in the Arts, and is an AMCO Kennedy Center National Winner. He is currently nominated as Broadway.com’s The Person to Watch.



Take a rogue tour guide who has a complicated relationship with reality, add two cohorts,  throw in a busload of Google employees on what they expect to be a San Francisco Sensitivity Training Tour . . . And you still have no idea what you’re in for at Temple Beautiful: The Musical.


Stir in historical luminaries Willie Mays, Mark Twain, Carol Doda (one-time Silicone Queen of North Beach), Playland at the Beach attraction Laffing Sal – and a twisted cameo by Orenthal James Simpson (former pride of Potrero Hill) in misappropriated Guardian Angel wings – and now you’re getting warm.


When Google employees fight back and launch an epic generational battle royale, things really start to heat up.


Holding it all together are Red, bus driver extraordinaire, and Dirk Dirksen, the play’s resident ghost, who once ruled the roost at punk club Temple Beautiful, the site of an early gig by The Clash. It also played host to an obscure cult band whose core members were none other than our three hijackers!


By the end of the immersive free-for-all that is Temple Beautiful: The Musical, you’ll never see San Francisco the same way again.